A collection of software to keep your computer clean

Anti-virus for the masses!

Please don't wait until after your computer is infected to look for a clean up! Make sure you have valid and up to date anti-virus on your computer and you scan regularly for infections.

To make these efforts easier, here are some software programs that we have used or are currently using that we feel help a great deal.

Anti-Virus Software

Microsoft Security Essentials - This software appears to install on Genuine Windows (t) machines without a hitch and has a really light payload in terms of resource usage. Definately worth checking out if you are on a Window's System. It's FREE, and can be installed by visiting:

Norton Anti-Virus - This software appears to function very well however there is a yearly subscription fee (worth it in our opinion) that can add up if you have a large network. Symantec also provides various tutorials and a nice alert system when new threats are detected.
For installing this software, we generally take the time to pick up a boxed set at the local software retailer because of the desire to hold onto the installation discs.

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