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.tel Domain Names from GuardianHost

TEL the World!

.tel Domain Names - .TEL the World!

Wherever life takes you, you’ll always be in the right place for your friends, family, colleagues and associates to find you with a .tel Domain Name from GuardianHost Networks. Your .tel domain name is accessible from any device connected to the internet, and all your information is displayed in a ‘click to communicate’ format.

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What can you do with a .tel?

It’s one simple contact address for life – All you need to do is to give your friends, family and colleagues your .tel address, and they will then be able to keep in touch with you how and when you want.

All of your contact information is in one place – The .tel enables you to store all of your contact information, including telephone numbers, email addresses, your favorite websites, social media pages, your blog sites, location-based sites, links to OpenID, OpenSocial or other identity verification solutions, and numerous other contact channels and technologies, all under one simple name. You can also store your information in an encrypted form, so no one else can see it unless you grant them access to it – that includes Telnic and your .tel service provider, GuardianHost.

Instantly updated, you’re always in the right place – If you lose a mobile device and change the number, move home, gain a new contact solution like Skype or another Voice over IP (VOIP) service, change jobs, move overseas, travel a lot, start a new business or move premises, or even join a new social network, you can update your .tel and it will change instantly as it uses the DNS to publish to the internet almost instantly.

Tell people how you want to be contacted – If you have a number of ways in which you can be reached, you can prioritise the order of the contact information as it displays, so you can ask to be contacted first by email, or through your blog, or other ways. You can also change the type of information available depending on your location or the time of day. This is especially helpful if you’re a frequent traveller, for example.

Show people where you are – Additional functionality within the .tel allows you to tell people where in the world you are. This location can then be used, under your control, to help people find your physical location or to help services you subscribe to produce personalized offerings for you, giving you a better experience. You don’t need to use this function if you are uncomfortable with giving out this information.

Tell the world about yourself – Your .tel also allows you to use an unlimited number of keywords to enable you to say something about yourself. These keywords are open to everyone, so again, be careful how you describe yourself. You can tell people where you work, your hobbies, your qualifications, anything you don’t mind sharing publicly.

Your interactive calling card on any device – Once you have published the information, you can access it from any device with an internet connection through a browser. You don’t need to format it in any special way, and it will be accessible instantly. Friends and business contacts can simply type in the address you give them and it will quickly appear on the device as it does not need to locate a website to get your information. This is a significant benefit of not storing the information as HTML on a website – the .tel is fast, low-cost and easy to access in any format.

Search engine optimization built in – For those more concerned with being found online, the .tel enables you to be discovered more quickly through search engines. The structured information, keywords and links to a domain name all enable search engines to see the relevance and purpose of the .tel and therefore its usefulness to people searching for relevant information.
Easily change your published profile – You will be able to set up a profile like ‘work’, ‘home’, ‘travel’, ‘holiday’ and so forth (the profile titles will only be visible to you) that quickly change the public and private contact information available to people looking at your .tel, depending on which profile you make active.

Best of all, there are no hosting requirements! With .tel, you do not need to host, manage and maintain a website. This means you do not have to buy hosting in order to benefit, as the information is stored and managed directly in your own Free Control Panel.

Register your .tel domain name today and .TEL the World!


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