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Friday Aug-23-2019 17:40:16 UTC  

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Security and Hacker Resistance

What to do with the bad guys?

Can we make any given domain 100% hacker proof. Well, no, unfortunately. As a matter of fact, we have yet to find any system to be 100% hacker proof. What's more, anyone that would claim to be 100% hacker proof is probably making things up, or simply has not yet been exposed to what's really out there.

100% Hacker proofing is impossible when there is a connection to the entire world involved. Even with all of the security measures imaginable, multi-billion dollar companies and systems such as banks, video game manufacturers, government agencies, credit card companies, and so on, have had their servers compromised and will continue to be compromised. It is the nature of the beast.

Rather than making hacker proof claims, our security hardening procedures make your system hacker resistant. The software we install secures the system without adversely effecting or hindering the normal operations of your server. It limits the ability any potential hackers will have within the system, and alerts of intrusion attempts so that the proper authorities can be notified, and so that counter measures and tracking can be implemented in a timely fashion.

Hacker Resistance at GuardianHost Networks

24x7x365 (5 minute interval) Server Monitoring with Reboot
If any of our dedicated servers are down, our monitoring team will reboot it automatically. The response time on reboot requests are guaranteed within 15 minutes! Should something be discovered that prevents the server from booting properly, we will notify you and assign the issue top priority.

Server Monitoring and Statistics
We access our monitoring stats live on each server constantly as well as monitor the reports generated in our daily and weekly uptime notifcations.

4 Hour or Less Response Time for Technical Support Tickets
Statistically, most tickets are responded to in less than 1 hour. There are occasions where an update may not be possible to be delivered in cases of email outages, however our dedicated server clients

24 Hour or Less Resolution Time for Technical Support Tickets
Statistically, most tickets are completely resolved in less than 3 hours. If we are responding to a particularly problematic situation, we will provide a status update on the problem and our plan to resolve it within 24 hours.

Backend Server Software Upgrades
Windows Updates, Kernel, Apache, PHP, Exim, CPanel, Dovecote, Courrier, WHM, IIS, etc. We patch priority 1 security issues automatically. For non priority 1 security updates, we contact our customers if their code might be effected before an upgrade or patch is applied. Should a critical patch be applied we will help our customers by detailing the changes made in the patch so they can adjust their scripts accordingly. Our planned updates and patches are scheduled in advance so that any ouside developers have time to make needed adjustments.

Dedicated Server Backup Restoration
If any of our servers require a restore operation, our server team will proceed to restore it or in the event of a catastrophic loss to hardware, begin the process of provisioning a replacement.

Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery for our Dedicated Accounts
If any of our servers are crashed or hacked, our server team will determine the cause and rebuild our systems from backups when necessary. We will determine the point of entry, disable the service, and scan for exploits. We will work with you to help prevent re-occurences.

System Security, Optimization and Hardening
(specialized security requests and hardening are available)

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About Our Technicians and Server Administrators

All of our server technicians are qualified Level 3 Technicians or System Administrators. Our technicians must have a minimum 3 years verifiable hands on experience or have 5 years in house work experience before working for our server administration team.

Many of our technicians already have their RedHat Certification Degree and various Microsoft Certifications and we sponsor and train those who have not yet achieved them.

All of this ensures quality work from qualified technicians and the results mean that your domain is as hacker resistant as possible.

Certified SafeSM by GuardianHost Networks

Our Certified Safe by GuardianHost Networks Seal and associated program is another way we help protect consumers and businesses.
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