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Internet Consulting & Expert Advice

Internet Consulting and Expert Advice

Get expert advice, training, and consulting from GuardianHost Networks

Successful internet projects require both creative and technical expertise beyond just building websites and hosting them properly. We don't claim to know all the answers, but we can certainly take you in the right direction.

Search Engine Optimization

Easily one of the most confusing and frustrating areas with website and internet projects is (SEO) search engine optimization. We do not hold much respect for companies that "guarantee top search engine placement" or promise specific results for unthinkable fees. Instead, we help you understand what makes search engines favor your sites in the rankings, what causes them to lose favor, and teach you the benefits of understanding and defeating the marketing efforts of your competition. 

If you are interested in achieving better rankings for your website, please consider this free advice:

We believe and encourage the concept that "content is king" and our best advice is to build and maintain a website that allows quick and easy content editing. If you want to be found on search engines, place interesting and relative content about your product or brand on your website, and add to it often.

If you want to discuss advanced search engine optimization and management, how to erect barriers to your competition, and how to brand yourself properly to achieve "authority status" on your particular niche or market, contact us.

Search Engine Marketing and Other Advertising

Advertising your website on search engine result pages and with advertising networks can be tremendouly helpful to your brand and exposure when done properly. It can also be horribly expensive and hurtful if its not done correctly.

Although we prefer our clients concentrate on organic search results achieved through quality content and linking sites, there are situations where it can be beneficial to invest in search result listings like Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing.  Paid Placement or pay per click campaigns from reputable websites can also have benefitial results.

We can advise your marketing department on (SEM) search engine marketing, as well as design and manage entire advertising portfolios. We provide market research and analysis in a meaningful way to help you make informed decisions about search engine marketing. Please contact us for details.

Website Functionality and Theory

Spending thousands of dollars on a fancy website that nobody uses or can even find makes less sense than using hundred dollar bills to grill hotdogs at your weekend barbeque. We will critique your website and provide feedback and best practice tips to achieve results in search engines, user satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Security And Hacker Resistance

An exclusive service of those hosting on our servers, we include our hacker resistance hardening in even our most basic packages.
Learn More >>

Brick and Mortar and eCommerce

Already have physical locations and ready to increase your reach to millions of potential customers? We provide custom eCommerce solutions that are designed to be easy to use, yet powerful for you and your staff. We also support many popular OpenSource ecommerce and online shopping cart software and can make recommendations that will suit your company best.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and highest return on investment methods of advertising available when properly pursued - disasterous when abused. We will help turn your potential nightmare into a sweet dream when it comes to email marketing.

We provide double opt in services which allow you to easily create, send, and track email marketing messages that get results. We partner with the highest quality technology and marketing and advertising firms to provide you with the most bang for your buck.

If you already have a successful marketing program, you can benefit from our 15 day FREE trial using one of our technology partners, iContact.

Copyright, Trademark and DMCA Management

Intellectual property right disputes are quickly becoming one of the biggest hazards to doing business on the internet.

Our services can help:

  • content providers
  • authors and creative publishers
  • coders and scripters
  • companies with patents and trademarks
  • social network providers

Please contact us right away if you feel you need some help with protecting your brand, complying with THE DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT OF 1998 or responding to a DMCA take down notice.

 As always, we are eager to earn your business, so please contact us with any questions.

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