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Friday Aug-23-2019 17:26:36 UTC  

GuardianHost Networks - Superior Internet Development through Exceptional Service

About Us

GuardianHost Networks, founded in 1998 by Marcus Tilghman, is a private company based in Central Florida with a network of facilities located in the United States and worldwide.

Until developing GuardianHost Networks, Marcus was utterly unable to find a satisfying method of managing his small accounting web site. He knew that the type of service and support he expected, was simply not available and something had to be done. was born, and quickly became GuardianHost Networks. In 2007, Marcus re-structured the company into GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C. SM and eliminated 100% of the company's debt in the process. With the vision to see an inevitable struggle for the credit markets on the horizon, Marcus moved the company into "in the black purchasing" to eliminate the need to call upon credit to make payroll and expenses. This has proved to be critical in allowing GuardianHost to remain a strong and competitive company while others have declined and started to "go dark" in tough times.

GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C. SM is a full service web presence provider with clients and customers located around the world.

GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C. SM remains behind the scenes in many developed websites and our web designs and custom database applications are hand tailored to provide businesses the solutions they need, when they need it, and to the extent that they require.

From ordering pizza online, powerful 3D gaming development, personal blog space, and family photo albums, to intricate mission critical database solutions, top secret clearance projects, hacker deterrence, and scripting language creation, we are there for our customers, big and small.

You will value our consulting and expert advice to such an extent that it is common for our customers to re-structure their IT departments to require our approval on their internal projects as well as their internet development.

We use every service we offer and take great pride in the reliability of our systems, and we strive to provide exceptional support for everything we make available.

We believe that every customer deserves to deal directly with whoever makes the decisions. Our customers know immediately that there will not be a situation where one of their concerns cannot be addressed by a "decision maker" and they must check back later. We feel this is just a poor business practice. Meet our team >>

One of our founding concepts is to treat people like we hope to be treated. We didn't come up with this idea; we just do it really well.


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