Categories: General
      Date: Apr 14, 2010
     Title: Sales and Marketing Tips for a Tough Economy
Three quick tips to help your customers in a down economy - Pitch, Products, and Pricing.

There are many reasons to help your customers through what most consider to be tough economic times. Here are three tips we thought just about every industry could use: 

  1. Pitch: Come up with at least 3 reasons it makes sense for your clients to shift their budgets from other products/services to yours in a down economy and help your customer understand that you are willing to help them through it.
  2. Products: Focus on products/services that are more likely to be valuable to your clients in a down economy and be ready to explain the cost / benefit ratio of them. Show your client that you are efficient with their budgets and they will remember your company when more spending becomes available.
  3. Pricing: Keeping prices at current levels or continuing with standard price increases could hurt sales however lowering prices too much could eliminate profits and erode your service value. Find a price that lets your clients know you are adjusting prices to help them get through this tough time but one that does not eliminate your profits or permanently damage your brand value and future price points.